Button Hole Blunders

I am an over thinker.  So, it makes perfect sense that the final steps and finishing touches for any project make me nervous.  First and foremost, I don’t want to completely screw it up having come so far.  And second, I am usually so eager to finish that I don’t want to suffer any setbacks only steps away from the finish line.   In this instance, it was the button holes that worried me.  I was nearly finished!

The pattern called for three button holes. I made sure that their placement was correct, sewed them on my machine using my trusted buttonhole presser foot, and sat back with a sigh of relief.  But!…my seam ripper had another plan and in the end, I had to repair one by hand.  However, I am pleased to discover that all is not lost when I rip right through the side stitches of a machine stitched button hole!  I am thankful that I had only one minor setback.  And on to the next one.

I did a shoddy repair and then learned that there’s more to the hand sewn buttonhole than I thought.  Take a look at this video demonstrating the technique for the buttonhole stitch.  It may save your day and open your world up to the art of the hand sewn buttonhole as it did me.  I am also 100% positive that I will revisit this content, Making Buttonholes by Hand written by Tasha of By Gum, By Golly, the next time I seek a challenge.


Author: Rebecca

I am an engineer (formerly in oil and gas) and all around crafty gal. I am detailed oriented, analytical, and a tamed perfectionist. These traits have equally brought me success and grief. Oh, and I like to sew!

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