I Must Have the Southport Dress.

There are so many sewing goodies out there.  From fabric to patterns to tutorials, I am slightly overwhelmed albeit super excited about my future sewing escapades.  I recently went on an online shopping spree and bought like 15 patterns.  I’m not really sure who I think I am, except crazy to think that this purchase would keep me from coveting (and buying) other great patterns.  Here’s a perfect example.


This post was just published today and I am thrilled to have found it.  This is a version of the Southport Dress designed by True Bias made by Helen.  I would likely live in this dress all summer long.  I hope I have a moment to revisit this once I make some headway with the patterns that I already have.


Instead, I have this in the queue.  The Stretch Drawstring Shorts by Burda.  My search is still on for the perfect fabric for these shorts but the pattern is printed, cut, and taped together.  I hope it works out because mama needs some new shorts!


Author: Rebecca

I am an engineer (formerly in oil and gas) and all around crafty gal. I am detailed oriented, analytical, and a tamed perfectionist. These traits have equally brought me success and grief. Oh, and I like to sew!

3 thoughts on “I Must Have the Southport Dress.”

  1. Awww, thanks for the mention! I’m glad you liked my Southport, it is a fantastic pattern. Feeling overwhelmed about sewing plans is something I think most sewists can relate to. I’d advise you to not plan too far ahead and sew whatever you want to sew in the moment! It’s more fun that way 🙂 Don’t fret about a large pattern stash….it’s better than a large fabric stash, although I have both, haha.


    1. Thanks for the advice! I used to feel bad about changing sewing plans at the last minute but now I’ll just let it go. Fabric. (sigh) I can only buy what a small budget allows but I have big dreams! Do you have any favorite online fabric shops?


      1. Blackbird Fabrics is my favourite by far, because all their fabrics are so high quality and they carry a good variety of things. Mostly I buy in person at my local fabric shop, but I am blessed to work 1 block away from 2 great shops here in Van. Don’t stress, sewing is supposed to be fun! That, and you will never sew everything you want to sew, so best to let it go now, haha.


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