I Must Have the Chi-Town Chinos.

It’s hot.  It’s been hot since May, maybe even April.  It never ceases to amaze me how long and scorching the summers are here in Texas.  And really, I could wear shorts most of the year and yet I find myself always, always unequipped.

I need shorts.  Or better yet, I want shorts that I actually want to wear.

I started the Burda Stretch Drawstring Shorts but then I saw the Chi-Town Chinos and I want them too!  And what’s most exciting is that the sewalong begins this week.  This will be my first sewalong and I am super excited to participate.  There is a lot to be learned during the next few weeks and I’m thrilled.

Photo from Alina Sewing Design Co Blog

I viewed Inside the Hem’s video on choosing the best fabric for shorts.  The last thing I need is another pair of saggy-butt shorts.  Ugh. The worst.  So I am most definitely going to take her advice to choose a fabric with no stretch whatsoever.   I think I’m pretty set on the Milestone Brushed Twill in Cerise from Style Maker Fabrics because, the color!  I also love the Cayenne and Goldenrod.


I also like her suggestion to use the Poly/Rayon suiting because it’s lighter but I’m unsure about the houndstooth.   Let’s see what I feel like when I finally do shell out the $$$.

So that’s my Monday Must Have.  My focus is on bottoms because this is where I have the hardest time with fit.  I’m upping my summer shorts game or, at least, I have high hopes of doing so.

Have a great week!


Author: Rebecca

I am an engineer (formerly in oil and gas) and all around crafty gal. I am detailed oriented, analytical, and a tamed perfectionist. These traits have equally brought me success and grief. Oh, and I like to sew!

4 thoughts on “I Must Have the Chi-Town Chinos.”

    1. I’m really looking forward to it. Super cool that I can buy the pattern and print it out today! Congratulations on such a major accomplishment!


      1. So sorry to just reply–thank you for your congratulations! I hope you’ve had fun following the sewalong!


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