I Must Have the Sorbetto by Colette.

I like free and I like simple.  I have seen many versions of the Sorbetto tank by Colette Patterns and I am compelled to make mine own.  If I can refine the pattern to fit me well, the options are endless!

The best thing about the Sorbetto pattern is that there are a few variations (with tutorials) on the Colette Blog.  The Modern Sorbetto could work for me and the Knit Sorbetto Hack could be an opportune reintroduction back to knits.  (I have not sewn a knit in a long time.  My first try was a disaster.)  And how much fun could it be to make a shift dress from this pattern?!

I have a few different fabrics that may work.  From left to right, a Telio Viscose Rayon Challis, a Joel Dewberry Rose Bouquet Rayon in Carrot, and a Kelly Ventura Fields Lawn in Brass.  I have been on a rayon challis kick lately, so I am sure one will be made with either the solid or the floral!


I will be on the lookout for more inspiration for this tank.  It may be several weeks before I can even begin download to the free pattern.

Take care!


Author: Rebecca

I am an engineer (formerly in oil and gas) and all around crafty gal. I am detailed oriented, analytical, and a tamed perfectionist. These traits have equally brought me success and grief. Oh, and I like to sew!

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