Yoga pants, yoga pants!

I did yoga today for the first time in months.  30 minutes of a Beginner Strength class from the Yoga Studio app on my iPhone.  My body resisted for the first 25 minutes and the last 5 were pure bliss.  It felt great to breathe, stretch and activate muscles that have been otherwise neglected.  After I was done, I asked myself, “Why don’t I do this every day?”

I could bore you with my excuses but I’d rather muse over what yoga outfits I might make.  Before my breath became full and my mind slowed, I thought about what I could sew that would allow me to, on any given day, get in a short yoga session, stay comfortable, and save my “real” workout clothes for when I really want to sweat.   Because there’s one thing I dislike more than strenuous exercise, laundry.

So I took a look at what was out there.  I think these may work.


Grainline Studio Penny Raglan with True Bias Hudson Pants made by Sallieoh.

womens-racer-back-singlet-variationsRacer Back Singlet by Measure Twice Cut Once


Named Alexandria Peg Trousers

And then there’s the real deal yoga pants…  Something to consider.


Aries by Collette Patterns   I did this pose today.  And coincidentally, some of my favorite people are Aries!  And one of them loves cats!!!  It is meant to be.


sw3004-manila-03-thumb-164a0c736573cec2d04c20fa9c7d8eaa1d2c241512f2b7e2e1df09e42f164ed21Manila by Collette Patterns

The lined petal cuff is a nice detail for these otherwise simple leggings.

There are lots of choices from the indie pattern makers!  Let me know if you have any recommendations.

Happy Monday!


Author: Rebecca

I am an engineer (formerly in oil and gas) and all around crafty gal. I am detailed oriented, analytical, and a tamed perfectionist. These traits have equally brought me success and grief. Oh, and I like to sew!

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