Sewing withdrawal?

I’m heading to the East coast to visit my family for 2 weeks.  I won’t be able to sew and I’m kind of moody about it.  Technically, I can sew while I’m there.  While my mom doesn’t sew very much anymore, she still has her machine.   The last time I used her machine I had to use a miniature flat head screwdriver to push down the backstitch lever because the knob had broken off.  She told me it works but I’m skeptical.  (No offense, mom.  I love you.)

While I may pull out her machine even just for nostalgia’s sake, I have a few other things planned to keep me from getting cranky.


1. Drop off my machine for service.  I’ve had it over a year and it’s never been serviced. I feel hella’ better knowing that I’m getting my machine serviced when I physically can’t use it. I should probably find out how much it will cost…meh.


2. Read a sewing book…or at least page through it.  I bought Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear recently, on a whim, when I was frustrated with understanding how to tell if a pattern is actually going to result in a garment that fits.  My thought was that if I learned more about pattern cutting I might be more successful making my own clothes.  This idea really excites me!  The technical aspect of drafting a pattern is something I’m looking forward to geeking out about.


3.  Cut itty bitty squares for this quilt that I have had in process since I realized my baby girl would soon be big enough to sleep in a big girl bed.  I’ve never made a quilt and the process seems long and humdrum but I like the idea of making it for her.  Besides, it’s easy to pack a few fat quarters and my rotary cutter.

I’m more likely to just veg and (hopefully!) enjoy the cooler weather but at least I have a plan!  A short respite from sewing will probably do me some good anyway.

Peace out H-town!